Eleventh post about Software Engineering Group Project

This week we handed in code for our project. Before doing that we created tests package in our code. In this package we created test classes which were meant to test public classes in our project. I also did a major refractor of entire code, I cleaned up the comments and javadocs. We were going through program’s functional requirements and were checking if our program is consistent with them. We also tested our program against tests from test specification. After handing our code in we started to work on documentation. I worked on “Program structure” part of the seqa10 document. I also was working on Physical limits for our program with Alex. We plan to go through the entire documentation once again tomorrow before final hand – in. This week costed me a lot of “late – game” work and I spent about 30 hours working on the project. By far it was the longest time that I spent working on this project during the week.

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