Ninth Post About Software Engineering Project

A time came for us to start finishing code for the final application. In the beginning of the week (after Wednesday) I created rough version of application that already contained videos in it. It was a big thing because it meant that we were nearly done with code for the application. Videos weren’t displayed randomly yet. For this I used Andreas’s algorithm. I added two methods to RoutineTimer class: generateRandomExerciseNumbers(int numberOfExercises) and fillExerciseArrayIn(int [] randomArray). These methods combined provide randomness to the sequence in which videos are displayed. Our main problem (also in Chris’s report) was the way how our RoutineParameters class was implemented. This class was too large, It contained all parameters that were changing at some point in the code. What I decided to do was splitting this class into smaller ones. Now we have smaller classes and each is responsible for smaller task. Code looks more balanced. I also moved some methods from one class to another so that their location in the project makes more sense. I also started to get into sounds in the application. We are supposed to inform user about what happens at which point of the routine. Now we have three sounds in the application: button clicking sound (not very useful in therms of informing user but it’s good to have this kind of “amendment”, exercise change sound and quitting sound. We are looking forward to have more of these sounds so our application will inform about what’s happening at each stage.

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