[:en]week 6[:]

[:en]This week I was unable to attend the meeting we had on Friday 5.3.2021, later I worked on the design specification document, and sorted the existing code into 4 packages to make it easier to find what I needed.

  • Wednesday 03.03.2121
    • 1 hour meeting after the tutorial.
  • Friday 05.03.2021
    • 15 mins sorting the code
  • Sunday 07.03.2021
    • 3 hours working on the design specs document
  • Monday 08.03.2021
    • 1 hour working on the design spec document and a quick review meeting with Rowan on our part of the document.
  • Tuesday
    • 3 hours meeting renaming and sorting the code with Peter, Rowan and Bartosz


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