[:en]Software Engineering Project Week 7[:]

[:en]During this week we had a meeting to cover the final parts we needed to cover for the design spec, I am working with Andreas on the significant data structures within the program. For this section we will need UML Class diagrams, so I will update the ones I produced earlier to line up with the updated code.
On the 12th, we had a review meeting for the design spec. I didn’t communicate well with Andreas to split up the work we were assigned which resulted in our section being relatively lacklustre. For this meeting i had completed the updated UML class diagrams, and relationships defined. I plan to finish my Ai assignment early this weekend so I can get back onto the design spec.
After the weekend, I worked on fixing up the UML class diagram so it was portrait, as this allows it to be viewed better in the document. I also began working on UML object diagrams, I have produced one I am content with so far, and another I am not so pleased with, as I don’t think it is quite correct.
We also had a code review meeting to assign tasks to fix up areas of the program while we are waiting for feedback on the design spec. I was tasked with assisting Andreas on the randomiser if he needs it.

Hours Spent:
8 hours
(6 hours meetings)
(2 hours working)[:]

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