Group Project Software Engineering: Week 2

In the second week of the semester on Tuesday I spent just over an hour reading through the documentation I needed to read to start on the testing specification. Having to read the Quality Assurance Plan, Test Procedure Standards and re-reading the Requirements Specification for Exercise. Having done this, me and Jacob have decided on a meeting tonight to collect the tests we have, making sure we know what each of us has done, has to do and if we have done so correctly.

Later in the evening I met with Jacob, going into a call and discussing what system tests we could do and which sections we would do tests on. Jacob showed me the tests he produced on the different Function Requirements and his documentation. We agreed I would do tests on Function Requirement numbers 4, 5 and 6. Later having finished listing a few test specifications for these functions taking just over an hour all together. Sent him the docx and said he would compile them together read for tomorrows tutorial meeting.

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