Group Project Software Engineering: Week 1

In the first week of the semester, we got assigned into our groups on Wednesday for the CS22120 module. In the group we have to develop a “high quality software ‘product'” and do all the documentation, implementation, testing etc… to a professional standard. Here on this blog I will write what we and/or I do each week on the project. During the Wednesday tutorial we talked to our Project Manager which in our case is Laurence Tyler, about the project and we all got assigned roles to do in the first week. I got assigned testing with another group member, Jacob, where we would document tests we could implement for the software that would be repeatable and.. of course… test if the software would work, by giving correct returns, and assigned correct values for example. After that we created a Discord and started on the git hub and creating it, and making sure it worked for everyone; this took around 2 hours. We then agreed to meet each week after the Wednesday tutorials to discuss what we talked about and what each member needs to do. And that is all for the first week.

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