Graddedigion 2024 – Dydd Iau 18 Gorffennaf

Llongyfarchiadau i’n graddedigion PhD ac MPhil heddiw! Darllenwch eu traethodau ymchwil ar y dolenni isod

Tomos Fearn. Smart Wheelchairs: Semantic mapping and correct selection of goals within unconstrained environments

Arshad Sher. Automating gait analysis using a smartphone

Kieran Stone. Predicting Hospital Length of Stay for Emergency Admissions to Enhance Patient Care

Joanne Hopkins. Coercive Control, Displaced Syrians and the Failure to Act

Hannah Parry. Variation in issue prominence on the global health agenda: a comparative case study

Graddedigion 2024 – Dydd Mercher 17 Gorffennaf

Llongyfarchiadau i’n graddedigion PhD ac MPhil heddiw! Darllenwch eu traethodau ymchwil ar y dolenni isod

Keziah Garratt-Smithson. Crime and Daily Life in Early Modern Cardiganshire 1542-1659

David Lees. Identities in Twelfth Century Cornwall

Dewi Richards. Sut mae ymwneud â rhaglenni chwaraeon mudiad yr Urdd yn annog defnyddio’r Gymraeg ymhlith pobl ifanc?

Elizabeth Titley. A Critical Examination of Pupil and Teacher Perspectives on the Revised Qualification and Curriculum Arrangements in Wales

Rashed Aldhaheri. Moving towards Artificial Intelligence (AI) and planning of youth for future livelihood: Perspective of Public Sector Employees in UAE

Harry Rowland. Enviro-eye : Identifying fuel oil leakage to mitigate environmental impact

Chloe Sumner. The Impact of Plasma Inflows on Magnetic Twists Along Prominence Threads

Trinh Vu. The Determinants of a favorable crowdfunding project

Graddedigion 2024 – Dydd Mawrth 16 Gorffennaf

Llongyfarchiadau i’n graddedigion PhD ac MPhil heddiw! Darllenwch eu traethodau ymchwil ar y dolenni isod

Keegan Burrows.  Utilising steel production waste material for low pressure and passive carbon sequestration

Ruby Bye. Exploring the epigenetic response of Larix kaempferi to Phytophthora ramorum infection

Sebastien Chognard. Evaluation of Independent Reference Datasets for Validating Land Cover and Change

Sam Grinsell. Prevalence of Canine Helminths in Aberystwyth, Wales: Introduction of the FECPAKG2

Wititkornkul Boontarikaan. Horsing around with Anoplocephala perfoliata: Polyomic Investigation of the Host–Parasite Interface

Suzanne Black. Iffy women and existential ink: a dual-focus phenomenological and Foucauldian discourse analysis of how women with extensive tattoo histories have experienced the resurgence of tattoo culture known as the tattoo renaissance

Marion Longshadow. Belonging to university: the experience of undergraduate students who are parents

Rune Murphy. ‘Being one of the “boys”’: understandings of how young heterosexual male students construct their experiences of the Night Time Economy

Clio Owen. Development and Validation of a Retrospective Visual Scale of Attachment: Adaptation of the Inventory of Parent and Peer Attachment (IPPA; Armsden and Greenberg, 1987)

Salvatore Verdoliva. Investigation of new techniques to improve quality and resource use efficiency in soilless protected horticulture

Graddio 2022 Dydd Mercher 13, Dydd Iau 14 a Dydd Gwener 15 Gorffennaf

students graduating at Aberystwyth University
Myfyrwyr yn graddio

Llongyfarchiadau i’r myfyrwyr hyn sy’n graddio ar y diwrnodau canlynol

Gallwch ddarllen eu traethodau ymchwil ym Mhorth Ymchwil Aberystwyth drwy glicio ar y dolenni

Dydd Mercher 13 Gorffennaf


Llyr Humphries ‘Studies in chromospheric and transition region events and their relationship with the corona using IRIS and AIA’

Dydd Iau 14 Gorffennaf

Cyfraith a Throseddeg

Roger Owen ‘Dealing with child offenders: An examination of some aspects of juvenile justice systems and a proposal for reform based on the needs of the individual child’

Megan Talbot ‘A comparative examination of methods of legal recognition of non-binary gender and intersex identity’

Gwyddorau Biolegol, Amgylcheddol a Gwledig

Nick Dimonaco ‘ORFs, StORFs and Pseudogenes: Uncovering Novel Genomic Knowledge in Prokaryotic and Viral Genomes’

Dydd Gwener 15 Gorffennaf

Daearyddiaeth a Gwyddorau Daear

Rachel Lilley ‘Rethinking Government Capacities to Tackle Wicked Problems: Mind, Emotion, Bias and Decision-Making. An Experimental Trial using Mindfulness and Behavioural Economics’

Graddio 2022 Dydd Mawrth 12 Gorffennaf

Myfyrwyr yn y Neuadd Fawr

Llongyfarchiadau i’r myfyrwyr canlynol sy’n graddio heddiw!

Gallwch ddarllen eu traethodau ymchwil ym Mhorth Ymchwil Aberystwyth drwy glicio ar y dolenni


Benjamen Reed ‘Developments in the Catalytic Graphitisation of Diamond and Silicon Carbide Surfaces’

Saesneg ac Ysgrifennu Creadigol

Kittie Belltree ‘Photograph albums of the dead: Imagining the unsayable through poetry’

Simon Jones ‘My Rosalind: A Novel and Critical Commentary’

Gwleidyddiaeth Ryngwladol

Emma Kast ‘Capitalism and the Logic of Deservingness: Understanding Meritocracy through Political Economy’

Thomas Vaughan ‘South Africa and Nuclear Order: Between ‘Local’ Technopolitics and ‘global’ Hegemony’

Graddio 2022 Dydd Llun 11 Gorffennaf

Myfyrwyr yn graddio

Llongyfarchiadau i’r myfyrwyr canlynol sy’n graddio heddiw!

Gallwch ddarllen eu traethodau ymchwil ym Mhorth Ymchwil Aberystwyth drwy glicio ar y dolenni


Edore Akpokodje ‘Effective mobile query systems for rural farmers’

Emmanuel Isibor ‘Exploring the Concept of Navigability for Virtual Learning Environments’

Suresh Kumar ‘Learning with play behaviour in artificial agents’


Tirion Roberts ‘Modelling foam flow through vein-like geometries’

Gwyddorau Biolegol, Amgylcheddol a Gwledig

Cameron Garty ‘Oxidative Heterodimerisation Of 4’- Hydroxycinnamate Esters With 4’-Hydroxycinnamic Acids As Potential HIV-1 Integrase Inhibitors And Identification Of Two Novel Homoisoflavonoids With Anti-cancer Potential’

Sam Harvey ‘Assessing the Feasibility of an Over 60’s One-Day Health and Functional Fitness Workshop’

Robert Jacques ‘Vermicomposting manure: ecology and horticultural use’

Rachel Stafford ‘Investigating Metabolic Changes Associated with Human Oncology’

Nathan Allen ‘Molecular approaches to uncover the fundamental biology of Calicophoron daubneyi’

Sumana Bhowmick ‘Exploiting Traditional Chinese Medicine for Potential Anti-Microbial Drug Leads’

Clare Collett ‘Towards the penside detection of triclabendazole efficacy against Fasciola hepatica parasites of livestock’

Christina Cox ‘Cocksfoot breeding for the emerging sector of by product biorefining’

Holly Craven ‘Analysis of quadrupliex DNA structures in Schistosoma mansoni and their potential as therapetic targets’

David Cutress ‘Towards validation of the sigma class GSTs from the liver fluke Fasciola hepatica as chemotherapeutic targets’

Rebecca Entwistle ‘Targeting endophytic bacteria for plant growth promotion and heavy metal tolerance’

Jessica Friedersdorff ‘Studying the Understudied: Hyper Ammonia Producing Bacteria And Bacteriophages in the Rumen Microbiome’

Gina Martinez ‘Understanding the phenotypic and genetic mechanisms of plant-plant interactions’

Nicholas Gregory ‘Evaluating the efficacy of a GP led pre diabetes intervention targeting lifestyle modification’

Amy Healey ‘Understanding the phenotypic and genetic mechanisms of plant-plant interactions’

Rebecca Hindhaugh ‘The effect of mechanical perturbation on the growth and development of wheat’

Rosario Iacono ‘Miscanthus biomass quality for conversion: exploring the effect of genetic background and nutrient limitation on the cell wall’

Gilda Padalino ‘Identification of new compounds targeting the Schistosoma mansoni protein methylation machinery’

Manod Williams ‘Machine Learning for Dairy Cow Behaviour Classification’

Graddio 2022 Dydd Sadwrn 9 Gorffennaf

Graddio ar y Piazza ar Gampws Penglais

Llongyfarchiadau i’r myfyrwyr canlynol sy’n graddio heddiw!

Gallwch ddarllen eu traethodau ymchwil ym Mhorth Ymchwil Aberystwyth drwy glicio ar y dolenni

Hanes a Hanes Cymru

Laura Evans ‘An Investigation of the Middling Sort of Bridgnorth in the Later Middle Ages’

Cyfraith a Throseddeg

Gethin Jones ‘The Recovery Experience of Service Users in Substance Use Treatment with Co-occurring Anxiety and Depression’

Angharad James ‘An exploration of the legal minefield of retention of title clauses’

Daearyddiaeth a Gwyddorau Daear

Martin Burgess ‘The Implementation of Personal Carbon Accounts’

Sioned Llywelyn ‘Archwilio’r posibiliadau o fewnblannu dealltwriaeth geomorffolegol wrth hyrwyddo a gwarchod geodreftadaeth Cymru’…

Siobhan Maderson ‘The Traditional Environmental Knowledge of Beekeepers: A Charter for Sustainability?’

Svenja Riedesel ‘Exploring variability in the luminescence properties of feldspars’

Nina Sharp ‘Mobility and philanthropy: embodied practices, fundraising and charity sport events’