[:en]Sixth Post About Software Engineering Project[:]

[:en]This week Peter gave me a list of things in the program that needed to be completed. I was working on video in the exercise window. I made a method that has a functionality of playing video. I appended seconds and minutes to values that need it. In confirmation window I created a button that is now able to save routine. I provided a functionality, which enables to remove and rename exercise from the routines table. I also fixed timer so now if user creates / chooses exercise routine with one exercise – it allows to do it. Another functionality is that user can’t enter the same name for the routine twice as program doesn’t allow to do this. If user customises routine with the same parameters that were already created – program will inform user about this and prompt if user wants to continue saving. I also added some errors – preventing functionality. If user wants to remove exercise and no exercise is chosen – program informs user about it. Our group had meeting on Wednesday. We were talking about duties that each on us should complete by the end of the week. For a while I became member of design specification team. I got simple task of writing classes that fulfil program’s functional requirements. On Friday we had another review meeting. We were also going through things that still need to be done and reviewing our work on document. On Tuesday Me, Peter, Andreas and Rowan met and made some code reformatting. Now methods are sorter and program looks clearer. I spent 1 day (12 hours in total) on amendments that Peter gave me and half a day (6 hours in total) on architectural document improvement and making some minor amendments. [:]

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