[:en]Fifth Post About Software Engineering Project[:]

[:en]This week I was styling JavaFX interface of the application prototype so it looks neater right now. I added good – looking animations for transition between windows. I also added additional functionality to the application. Right now user is able to delete rows from routines table and rename them. I changed the confirmation window so that user can do more things in it. On Friday the entire group had a review meeting. We mainly went through Test Specification as draft of this document had uploaded this week. Me and Peter also decided that we are going to help people from architectural design team in order to be able to code soon (basing on architectural design document). This week as Peter was mainly figuring out what’s happening in the architectural team – I was implementing JavaFx features. This is going to change a little bit for now. I’m also going to help in creating the architectural design document. Today I had a meeting with people from this group and I’m going to write functional requirements. I also comment and javadoc my code carefully because it’s time to share it with other members of the group so that they can help us with development. This week I spent one day (12 hours in total) on redesigning and adding functionality to the application. The remaining half of the day (6 hours in total) I spent on review meetings and talking about how will our project be going from now on. Even though we have a lot do I’m very optimistic about the project right now.[:]

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