[:en]Fourth Post About Software Engineering Project[:]

[:en]This week I was continuing on working with JavaFx. The most important thing I did was to figure out how to add video to JavaFx program so that program doesn’t spit out any errors and shows video. Right now I’m ready to receive exercises videos from other people from the group and put it into the code. I also implemented a functionality that allows to track how much time user spent pausing the routine. Another functionality that I implemented was colouring history table rows. Our history table records all routines that user performed. Colours now indicate if routine was completed, not completed and if user was skipping exercises or not. I also made minor adjustments of the design. Now tables look better, in more modern way. On Friday I met with members of my group. The purpose of the meeting was to help our group leader – Aaron to put together User Interface document. We gave him some hints and advices. He improved the document during the weekend and we met again on Tuesday. On these meeting QA manager – Alex approved UI document and Aaron got green light to upload UI documents to git repository. Also me and Peter agreed on how we are going to cooperate from now on. Peter is going to help architectural – draft -team to design a code for the application. He is also going to share his JavaFx ideas with me and I’m going to turn these ideas into code. In total all work that I did during this week is around 18 hours.[:]

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