[:en]Third post about Software Engineering project 2021[:]

[:en]During this week I was working with Peter and people that were responsible for architecture documentation and design. I attended three meetings. During the first one we were talking about how our program should be build from code development side. We discussed main problems, classes, UML diagrams prototypes and we walked through libraries which will be needed for the programming. Considering informations that we agreed on during the meeting – me and Peter decided that it’s time for trying to develop code that is going to solve problems that we defined. We coded a prototype of the application, which doesn’t have much functionality but it has timers that already work properly, user can specify exercise routine parameters, routines are saved after completing one and user can look into exercises history. It’s only a prototype and it shows how much work we still need. On Saturday I attended another meeting during which we were adding another ideas for the project architecture, we came up with ideas that will make our application more robust and easy to use. The last meeting took place on Tuesday. Me and Peter wanted to talk for the last time before group meeting and to see if there are some amendments in the prototype to be done. It appeared that it looks good already, but it’s far away from perfection, After the meeting We made some changes (adding quit button to the exercise window, adding a window after quitting, changing names of some buttons). Peter is deputy of group project manager right now so he has to organise group meetings and put everything together, but still he helps me a lot with the code. I’m very confident about our group as we motivate each other on each step and check if there is anything that could be done better. All this work took me 18 hours. I was mainly trying to figure out how to solve programming problems such as: getting timers to work, customising a routine, adding routines to the history and putting prototypes’ windows into one piece of work.[:]

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