[:en]Second post about Software Engineering project 2021[:]

[:en]As I gave an initial design to the application that our team is going to be working on, I decided to bring this design to life. With Aaron’s permission I left UI part of project for now and I moved to JavaFX part of it. For the entire week I was cooperating with Peter.
Firstly we discussed the way how windows should be programmed. After Discord voice meeting we agreed on how we are going to split our duties. I created windows that contained timers, and some confirmation windows. After the weekend we joined our work into one program. This program doesn’t present full functionality that Assignment requires from us but it’s a good start because now we know which window comes after which and how to operate in the system that we roughly designed during the first Week. I feel that the next weekend we are going to have to start thinking about more serious programming problems. I spent about 18 hours on the project – I distributed this time in a way that I was able to learn as many JavaFx informations as it’s possible and to build a rough prototype of the application.[:]

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