week 11

  • Wednesday 28.04
    • 20 min morning meeting
    • 3 hours updated the design specification after the feedback and after the program had changed
  • Thursday 29.04
    • 1 hour morning meeting
    • ca 2 hours working on the code final clean up, my computer stopped working while they were still going, so I did not go on as long.
  • Friday 30.04
    • 1 hour morning meeting
    • 4 hours working on making the JUnit test for the program. and making the final fixes to the program
  • Saturday 1.04
    • 2 hours meeting discussing what is left of the documentation to do
  • Sunday 2.05
  • Monday 3.05
    • 3 hours working on program description I had some difficulties running the program, so I couldn’t finish it,
  • Tuesday 4.05
    • 20 minutes finished up the exercise description.
    • 30 minute morning meeting and being handed out tasks for the day.
    • 1 hour working on my tasks which was writing the rebuilding and testing section with Peter. For the final documentation
    • 1 hour helping Peter and Rowan, working on the section that Dan should have done

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