SE Project – Week 10

During integration week, there have been daily meetings everyday at 10 AM UK time. We would gather together and the PL and DPL would give tasks to be completed. This week was a clean up of the code, and we conducted a lot of testing together in groups. Where if one task was finished, we would be allocated a new task.

Coding time: 2-3 Hours
Meetings: 4 Hours
JUnit Testing: 3-4 Hours

Total Time: 10-12

SE Project – Week 8

Over the holiday, I was checking Java FX mostly with the updated versions but have kept to myself due to some personal reasons. Having everything settled down, I was able to check out the main feedback and check upon the repository which still has some work to be checked. I will be checking with Dan and seeing whatever else the group would like to be fixed within the repository. Otherwise, the group is keeping on top of everything and have all had a decent time with the project.

SE Project – Week 7

For this week, we are going into the easter break so we spent time together setting each other tasks for which are to be completed over the break. I was looking out for the repository and taking in feedback given by Chris in the main document. Some coding within the group was also completed, and that was about it. We also completed the design spec and overall good progress.

SE Project – Week 6

This week I had to catch up on some missing aspects of the QA side of the project. I had finished up the referencing for each of the individual documents that we had created so far so that they fit the requirements SE.QA.02. I had added this to the repository and made a table for it so that it easily accessible for everyone in the group. I had also checked the architectural documents that had been posted on our discord server to make sure everything is in line with SE.QA.05. Alongside this, at the request of the project leader, I had re-read all the SE.QA documents to further understand and cement the ideas behind each document. Overall, this week, including meeting minutes, I had spent around 8-9 hours on the work set.

SE Project – Week 5

This week, we had gotten back the UI review from Chris. There were some good pointers in there on what to do on the QA side, regarding the repository and overall maintenance of the project. Dan and I had created a small word document for QA so that the foundation of quality assurance is out the way. This was done via a meeting. This week, a total of 6-7 hours of work was put towards the project.

SE Project – Week 4

This week, the team met up together and caught up on the architectural side of the project, whilst also getting the UI documents completed and UI design itself down. Everything is stringing together very nicely, and before we sent the UI documents off, Aaron, Bartosz, myself and Peter all had a meeting to check that everything within the document had followed the SE.QA.02 guidelines.

SE Project – Week 1

During the first week, I had gotten to meet my new groupmates and our project manager. Nothing too serious this week, but we were all assigned with tasks to complete for the following weekly meeting. Alongside this, we set up the group repository where most of our work is going to be done via GitLab.

I was assigned with completing the QA Summary for documents SE.QA.01, 02 and 03.

For this, I just went through all 3 documents and attempted to shorten them via a word document. This took me around 2-3 hours to do.

Overall, it was a simple week and we’re all looking forward to the next meeting.