Software Engineering Project Week 11

This week, I worked with Andreas on addressing the feedback on the design specification. After I did this I attended the coding call. The next day I helped the coders out again, adding final touches to the code, and starting to create JUnit tests. Friday was spent finishing writing tests and making any final adjustments to the code, before it was submitted at 4pm.

We also worked on producing the maintenance manual for the program. My tasks for this were to write about the files used by the program, and suggestions for improvements if we had more time to work on it.

I also had to work on the “Things to watch for when making changes” section the following day. We had planned to review the document today, but we are slightly behind schedule. I helped finish the algorithms section for the manual as it had not been completed the day before.

We finally met to review the final documents ready for submission on wednesday the 5th.

Hours Spent

4 hours meetings

24 hours working

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