Group Project Software Engineering: Week 9

The first week coming back from the Easter Break and we got our results back from the design specification. All round was really good comments with a few problems that was all ready apparent to other members of the group and was on the problem. We had our meeting with our Project Manager and not a lot was discussed as we just came back but a few notes came up like what to do in the integration week again and our Project Leader (Aaron) said he is planning on what everyone would do and so we can get this project finished quickly and efficiently. We decided on doing the demonstration on Wednesday 5th May 12:15-13:00 with our secondary option being Friday 7th May 16:15-17:00.

Unfortunately with the robotics assignment due in next week I haven’t spent as much time as I would like on the project however the hand in date is before the integration week. So when the week comes round we’ll be able to have all hands on deck to get it finished.