Group Project Software Engineering: Week 10

This week is the integration week for the group, ending the week with finishing my robotics assignment I’m able to fully focus on the group project with Aaron sorting out roles and what everyone does.

On Monday I was assigned with changing the history table in the morning meeting, making sure everything fits and changing some of the columns, this required a lot of refracting and some edits in Scene builder and I needed the help of another team member (Peter) from here to sort out a few issues. From this we had to call another team member (Bartosz) to add a new variable into the program to keep track of actual time in the exercise. We finished the day with everything we needed to do.


Starting on Tuesday with the morning meeting all members that has added code to the program had to integrate it into the same program. This took a while of debugging and integrating what we did the day before into the new program.


Wednesday I was assigned to going over the Test Specification document and see what needed to be changed. I changed a few files, tried to clean up the gitlab based on the feedback and changed what need to be changed, however most of the feedback was that the tests did not suit the interface documentation as it was not up to date. This is brought to the attention of the group.


Thursday the whole team came together to concentrate on JUnit testing where we all got assigned different classes we worked on and created tests for the class where we could. This continued over onto Friday where we also did all finalization of the program and tested to see if all the features were ok.