Group Project Software Engineering: Week 3

Coming into week 3 I had a reply from Chris Price having emailed him earlier in the day. The question was about doing tests that went over multiple functions of the program. He said that in a way we could do this by having tests run off each other where the next test would be in the state left behind by the previous test.

So, for example one test would be to create an exercise, the next test would be to select the exercise etc…

Having forwarded the email to Jacob we both understood what needed to be changed to the test specification. Later in the week he sent me a message to meet to show me what he has done so far. Having changed the formatting of the file to comply with SE.QA and changed the ordering of the tests round to run off one another. He has done quite a bit. I then said I would slowly add tests to it but we were in no rush as we had plenty of time before it was needed.

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