Mapping Poetic Emergence 1.0

We have now uploaded our discussion document, Mapping Poetic Emergence 1.0. The aim of this document is an attempt to describe some of the significant stages which are usually observable during the process of poetic emergence. These represent our initial thoughts relating to poetic emergence; the document will be updated and adapted during the course of the project.

We warmly welcome your comments and questions relating to this document; your feedback will help to inform our thinking as the document evolves. We encourage posting here on our blog,and you can also contact us directly at devolved.voices [@]



Devolved Voices Website Launched

We have now launched our Devolved Voices website.

As part of our ongoing and extensive bibliographic survey, you can now access a list of individual collections produced by those poets who come under our post-1997 scrutiny, together with reviews covering these works. Also crucial to our bibliographic survey is Context: Wales and Devolution. Here, you can find a list of short, targeted texts (together with commentaries) which function as touchstones for the project’s understanding of the devolved context in which poets under our scrutiny are working.

In our materials section, you can find our working paper, Mapping Emergence, which seeks to pinpoint the stages and context of poetic emergence. This document can be printed off as a pdf, and we welcome both the sharing of this document and your responses to it.

The team has also produced a poster for display and distribution at the 2013 Association for Welsh Writing in English Conference. This poster functions as a useful map – indicating our lines of inquiry and the issues that follow from these, as well as our outputs over the course of the project. The poster is available on the website to print off as a pdf.

Included on the website is our Media section. You can listen to the team talking about the genesis, work and outcomes for the project, and, in due course, this section will be populated with video recordings of poets talking about their work and reading from a selection of their work. We will also be interviewing other notable figures on the Welsh literary scene, exploring their perspectives on the context and evolution of a burgeoning scene.

One of the key outcomes and values of the project is a commitment to outreach. Whether scholar, practitioner or engaged reader, we warmly welcome your comments on the website and the project on this blog, and you can also contact us directly at devolved.voices [@] to share your views on the project and its materials.