Week 6: 4th Mar – 11th Mar

Task Breakdown:

Design meeting07/03/211 hour 30 mins
Programmer meetingnever happenedN/A
Significant data structures work10/03/214 hours 30 mins
Crying07/03/21 - 11/03/21not actually a task this week was just rough
Weekly totalN/A6 hours

Weekly meeting takeaway:

The main topic of this week was the design spec. How are we going to approach, it, how is work going to be broken down, what needs to be done when and how. We’ve decided to meet up on Sunday to discuss this, further detail will be added to this page once this happens. Likely I will be part of conceptualizing how things will be built in the program and will feed this back to the members who are in charge of producing the various diagrams. In the meantime, I’ll be sure to read SE.QA.05 to get a rough idea of what is required.

Design meeting takeaway:

There is a lot to do. Too much even. Regardless we’re taking it on as a group effort. Programmers will get together to figure out the details of how things will be linked together later. This info will be fed down to the producers of the UML diagrams. Besides that, we’ll all be contributing to class descriptions. A document intro will be written last. A small program overview will be produced, component diagrams come later.

I specifically need to do the detailed design for complex data structures and contribute to the programmer meeting as well as the class descriptions.

Programmer meeting:

This never ended up happening as nothing was scheduled by anyone – my week was a little rough so it slipped my mind until too late, we’ll do that next week as a priority.

Significant data structures work:

I spent a decent chunk of time working out what might be required for the system. It was a little difficult due to issues getting in contact with other members of the group but I was able to create a good description of how it works for the backend at least, as well as all that needs to be stored and it’s data type, as well as how everything links together. Diagrams still need to be produced but as the frontend part is still missing I can’t go forward with this yet.


I had other assignments to finish this week, so my time was a bit restricted, sorry about that.

Also it was brought to my attention that extra functionality is needed for the timers, I’ll implement that next week.

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