Week 3: 11th Feb – 18th Feb

Task Breakdown:

Team meeting1 hour 5 mins
Fix GitLab perms + make usage guide20 mins
Role email30 mins
Help specify functional requirements to solidify tests2 hours 30 mins
Weekly total4 hours 25 mins

Meeting takeaway:

In the meeting we discussed a few things about our progress last week. I finished my role as the code works fully but I’m to help with making sure we’re crystal clear on what exactly the functional requirements are so we can make proper tests. I might also help around with any other code based problems if anyone asks.

Before reading the current test document, I read through SEQA6 to get an idea of what I should be looking for with the tests, to give me a better idea of what’s actually required of said tests. In doing so, I discovered that developers have to create module tests as soon as possible in the development process. Doing so requires you to actually know how to write unit tests, so spike work is needed to figure that out, I’ll bring it up in the next meeting.

Read the test document and cross referenced with the requirements document, commented on any potential missing tests for the requirements.
We need to decide on how to implement record keeping in the program, maybe talk to Chris? The spec is unclear.

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