OA Repository Newsletter – April 2018

Open Access books via Primo

Aberystwyth University supports new Open Access book publishers who are trying new ways to provide worldwide access to free online editions of scholarly content.

Primo currently provides access to material made available by ‘Open Book Publishers’ and ‘Knowledge Unlatched’ initiatives. Between them, they offer a wealth of resources on Arts and Humanities, Social Sciences, Science.

See, for example, ‘ The universal declaration of human rights in the 21st century a living document in a changing world
’ via Primo.

Some new full-text articles from March 2018

Plasmodium dihydrofolate reductase is a second enzyme target for the antimalarial action of triclosanWilliams, K. et al
Fuzzy rule-based interpolative reasoning supported by attribute rankingShen, Q. et al

Top 5 CADAIR’s downloaded Articles in March 2018

Using participant or non-participant observation to explain information behaviourCooper, Janet; Lewis, Rachael; Urquhart, Christine114
Security, Democracy, and the Rhetoric of Counter-TerrorismJackson, Richard38
'We the Peoples': Contending Discourses of Security in Human Rights Theory and PracticeWheeler, Nicholas26
Negotiation or Mediation?: An Exploration of Factors Affecting the Choice of Conflict Management in International ConflictJackson, Richard26
Resilience and responsibility: Governing uncertainty in a complex worldWelsh, Marc25

Top 5 CADAIR’s downloaded Theses in March 2018

Integrating Climate Change into Conservation and Management of Marine Fisheries Resources: A Study of the Sustainable Development of Marine Fisheries in NigeriaOkon, Emmanuel Edem178
Have recent changes in mental health legislation and policy provided any positive gains for service users in England and Wales?Swann, Stephen Paul162
The Drama and Theatre of two South African plays under ApartheidPicardie, Michael90
The Impact of Economic Liberalisation on Small and Medium Sized Enterprises in NigeriaOgechukwu, Obokoh Lawrence82
An Investigation into the barriers faced by international students in their use of a small Irish academic libraryFoley, Orla75