Cylchlythyr y Gadwrfa Mynediad Agored – Ionawr 2018

Cylchlythyr y Gadwrfa Mynediad Agored ̴ Rhagfyr 2017

Editorial : Plant Phenotyping and Phenomics for Plant Breeding Doonan, J. et al
Co-Orbital Sentinel 1 and 2 for LULC Mapping with Emphasis on Wetlands in a Mediterranean Setting Based on Machine LearningPetropoulos, G. et al

Y 5 Erthygl a lawr lwythwyd amlaf o CADAIR ym mis Rhagfyr 2017

Security, Democracy, and the Rhetoric of Counter-TerrorismJackson, Richard19
"Feature Selection based on Rough Sets and Particle Swarm Optimization"Wang, Xiangyang; Yang, Jie; Teng, X; Xia, W; Jensen, Richard18
"Politics, Passion, Prejudice: Alice Childress's Wedding Band: A Love/Hate Story in Black and White"Cashman, Nicky13
Negotiation or Mediation?: An Exploration of Factors Affecting the Choice of Conflict Management in International ConflictJackson, Richard13
'We the Peoples': Contending Discourses of Security in Human Rights Theory and PracticeWheeler, Nicholas12

Y 5 Traethawd Ymchwil a lawr lwythwyd amlaf o CADAIR ym mis Rhagfyr 2017

Integrating Climate Change into Conservation and Management of Marine Fisheries Resources: A Study of the Sustainable Development of Marine Fisheries in NigeriaOkon, Emmanuel Edem90
Have recent changes in mental health legislation and policy provided any positive gains for service users in England and Wales?Swann, Stephen Paul61
The Impact of Economic Liberalisation on Small and Medium Sized Enterprises in NigeriaOgechukwu, Obokoh Lawrence52
The Bicol Dotoc: Performance, Postcoloniality, and PilgrimageLlana, Jazmin Badong45
Bioprospecting for Microorganisms and Enzymes with Biorefining PotentialLyons, Laura Francis36