OA Repository Newsletter – November 2017

Some new full-text articles from October 2017

Non-destructive, high-content analysis of wheat grain traits using X-ray micro computed tomographyC. Nibau et al
A method for evapotranspiration retrievals from a mesoscale model based on weather variables for soil moisture deficit estimationG. Petropoulos et al

Top 5 CADAIR’s downloaded Articles in October 2017

Rethinking the Security DilemmaWheeler, Nicholas; Booth, Ken47
Resilience and responsibility: Governing uncertainty in a complex worldWelsh, Marc34
"Politics, Passion, Prejudice: Alice Childress's Wedding Band: A Love/Hate Story in Black and White"Cashman, Nicky29
Linguistic Probabilities: Theory and ApplicationHalliwell, Joe; Shen, Qiang23
Negotiation or Mediation?: An Exploration of Factors Affecting the Choice of Conflict Management in International ConflictJackson, Richard23

Top 5 CADAIR’s downloaded Theses in October 2017

The Impact of Economic Liberalisation on Small and Medium Sized Enterprises in NigeriaOgechukwu, Obokoh Lawrence162
Have recent changes in mental health legislation and policy provided any positive gains for service users in England and Wales?Swann, Stephen Paul86
The Drama and Theatre of two South African plays under ApartheidPicardie, Michael83
A Comparison of offensive realist, defensive realist, and constructivist perspectives on the US-North Korean Security Dilemma 1992-2001Tan, Erwin79
Postmodern Nihilism: Theory and LiteratureSlocombe, Will70