A new set of projects underway

The British Army’s Image in Battle has been meeting since the start of the academic year in September. So far, students enrolled on the module have participated in workshops designed to help them think about identifying suitable case studies and to discuss some of the challenges involved in undertaking research.

The students have made their decisions about the direction they are going to take with their research projects, many of which will appear on this website after the module has been completed. The range of ideas is impressive, and speaks volumes about the ambition and the energy of the group.

Alongside working on their projects and experiencing the highs and lows of academic research, the students each have the opportunity to discuss their progress with me between now and the end of term, and they will be attending further workshops to both prepare them for their oral presentations and give them the digital skills to produce their own webpages. Keep your eyes peeled for more updates!

The story so far…

The British Army’s Image in Battle has now been underway for three weeks, and students enrolled on the module have identified the topics areas in which they will be developing their research for the remainder of the project.

Each student has been offered an individual tutorial with the module convenor to discuss the direction of their project, which has been solidified through the submission of a topic proposal form. Now, over the next few weeks, students will be working hard to develop their initial ideas into workable research projects.

Alongside their independent research, students will have the opportunity to discuss their progress with me – and will also be given the chance to produce blog posts on this website should they choose to do so. So keep your eyes peeled if you want to learn more about the wide range of projects that students will be completing over the course of this semester!