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Routes Lingomap: Snowy Spain?

This is my first blog post! Just a quick introduction, I study Spanish and English Literature at Aberystwyth University, however I am currently working in Spain at King’s College Alicante as part of my year abroad. This is the part where most people would say ‘lucky you, it’s always sunny in Spain!’ That’s what I thought as well… That was, until we had SNOW here this past week…SNOW! I couldn’t believe it, to be honest no one could, I don’t think people could have been more shocked had a dinosaur walked past. It was definitely a first to say the least. This is the great part about travelling, you never know what to expect. This week however it seems to be brightening up a bit and we can all go back to enjoying the warm sunshine, we hope!


Last Summer Jávea was burning through wild fires, with dozens of properties lost in the flames and just half a year later it’s snowed under for the first time in over 100 years, and not just in Jávea. Whereas the snow is normally found in the two ski resorts or further inland and in the North, for the first time in living memory the Costa’s have been covered in snow. People who normally go looking for snow in Sierra Nevada or the Pyrenees, don’t need to look any further than their own front doors, as  they’ve been snowboarding down the streets in towns such as Castalla. Others looking to catch a Winter tan on the numerous beach that the Costa Blanca is famed for, can be found making snow angels instead, bringing a whole new meaning to the word Costa Blanca!


Keep travelling!

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