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The Scariest Year Of My Life…

P126medEvening sun on Aberystwyth sea front

Hi My Name is Lydia and I am a second year Language students at Aberystwyth University.

If there are any language students reading this then I don’t have to tell you what this blog will be about as you probably know everything there is to know about the year abroad already. But for those who don’t then this will indeed be the subject of this blog so here’s a quick run down.

A requirement of my degree is that I spend a full year overseas, in my case in countries that speak French or Spanish. This is unspeakably terrifying for me but it must be done and I hope that this blog will chart my feelings from horror to bliss as I start my first real adventure.

Hasta pronto, à bientôt and bisous

One Girl, One Year, Three Countries

See you in the next blog! 🙂


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