Meet your Academic Services Librarians

Anita Saycell

Anita saycell

Having spent many voluntary hours from the age of 14 working in my local public library (not all Essex girls spend their time going out) my library career was starting to take shape. Next step was a paid job in the public library before heading West and studying for a Librarianship degree in Aberystwyth. An Assistant Librarian post at the Home Office followed, and then I joined Information Services at Aberystwyth University in 2003. When not working I have an active toddler to keep up with and any spare time left I teach swimming and enjoy walking, cycling and generally being outdoors.

Meet your Academic Services Librarians

Lloyd Roderick

I’m Lloyd and I am the new Subject Librarian for the School of Art; Welsh & Celtic Studies; History & Welsh History and Law & Criminology.  I joined Information Services after finishing a PhD in Digital Library Collections/Art History with the School of Art and Research Department of the National Library of Wales.  My first degree was in Art History at Nottingham University, and later on I got an MSc in Information and Library Management from the University of the West of England.  In between, I’ve worked in a number of different types of libraries, including the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies Library, University of London; the National Library of Wales; the library of the Courtauld Institute of Art; and public library branches in Newport. 

The impulse to impose order on chaos may have come from an unwieldy and unnecessarily big record collection.  This collection was initiated by my grandmother giving me a 7”of Public Enemy’s Don’t Believe the Hype when I was about 12.  While I like to think my Nana is a big fan politically engaged east-coast rap, it was actually just unsold stock from her music shop, the mighty Falcon Music in Llanelli. I worked in the shop when I was a bit older, by which point the shop sold instruments rather than records.  Working in your gran’s guitar shop is still the coolest Saturday job you can have.     For more information on the importance of maintaining a large collection of obscure records and to practice information/digital literacy skills, check out Roy Shuker’s Wax Trash and Vinyl Treasures: record collecting as a Social Practice available at Hugh Owen Library in physical and ebook formats.  To find out how to insert a hyperlink directly to an individual record in Primo, see this FAQ.