About Mary Jacob [mhj]

E-learning Advisor, E-learning Group, Aberystwyth University

Student Digital Experience Tracker: a chance to win £100 on Amazon!

Are you happy with technology at Aberystwyth University?

Take part in the Student Digital Experience Tracker – a short survey designed by JISC to collect information about students’ expectations and experiences with technology. It is an opportunity to voice your opinions about the university’s digital tools and to win a £100 Amazon voucher. The tracker will run from 4th till 18th December.

Let us know what we can improve:


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Traciwr Profiad Digidol Myfyrwyr: Cyfle i ennill £100 ar Amazon!

Ydych chi’n hapus â thechnoleg ym Mhrifysgol Aberystwyth?

Cymerwch ran yn y Traciwr Profiad Digidol Myfyrwyr – arolwg byr ar-lein a luniwyd gan JISC i gasglu gwybodaeth am brofiadau a disgwyliadau myfyrwyr o dechnoleg. Mae’n gyfle i chi leisio eich barn am offer digidol y brifysgol ac yn gyfle i ennill taleb Amazon gwerth £100. Mi fydd y traciwr yn rhedeg o’r 4ydd tan y 18eg o Ragfyr.

Rhowch wybod i ni beth y gallwn ei wella:


digital tracker poster

Students on Tech speak!

Hi everyone, this is Mary, coordinator for the Students on Tech project. Please have a look at this clip featuring our full team of four students on tech, talking about their experience in the project and the positive impact it is having for Aberystwyth University.

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It has been great fun to work with the the Students on Tech this year, and we look forward to an exciting next stage of the project, after the survey closes and we begin to implement changes to AberLearn Blackboard.