About Students on Technology

LOGO draft 2 ENThis project is funded through the Aberystwyth University Learning and Teaching Enhancement Fund.

The aim of the project is to listen to the student voice in order to improve Information Services’ technology-enhanced learning (TEL) provision, and to raise the profile of good teaching practice in the university. The innovative aspect of this project is that student assistants are carrying out the project under the guidance and supervision of the E-learning Group.

This project is led by Mary Jacob, E-learning Advisor, with support from the rest of the E-learning Group. It is carried out in partnership with the Student Union. Several current students are hired as student assistants for one academic year to carry out three related projects. Having several student assistants in the cohort will allow them to support each other as peers and allow them to share skills.

The three projects are:

  1. Video blog – create short video clips on a regular basis during the academic year (e.g. once per month), talking about how they are using technology for learning and describing good practice among their lecturers, as appropriate.
  2. Focus groups – organise a series of focus groups with other students and also with staff in the university to garner concrete suggestions from students about the planned redesigning of the AberLearn Blackboard site in summer 2017. Other topics related to TEL will also be included. The student assistants will plan, run, and analyse results of the groups, writing reports with recommendations for enhancing TEL provision.
  3. ‘Doing what works in TEL’ publicity campaign – once results from the focus groups have been analysed, the student assistants will identify key points of good practice that are successful in promoting student learning. The student assistants will create a publicity campaign at the start of semester 2, with posters and possibly pop-up stands in various locations around campus to spread good practice. They will plan the campaign, design the posters and other media, and disseminate materials as appropriate, including brining in local press and other media. A showcase event will take place with local press invited to attend.

The anticipated impact will consist of:

  • Increased awareness among academic staff of the ways students use technology for learning, leading to better teaching practices and an enhanced student learning experience.
  • Better interface for AberLearn Blackboard after the redesign, incorporating responses from the focus groups. This will lead to an improved learning experience.
  • Improved practice among teaching staff in response to the ‘Doing what works in TEL’ campaign, leading to an improved learning experience for students.