Activities and resources for schools

Source: Aberystwyth University

The film 2040

There is a film called 2040 which looks at the solutions to climate change and creates a vision of a better world. You can donate to projects implementing these on the website. The solutions are:

  • Solar micro-grids with energy storage in developing countries
  • Driverless cars
  • Regenerative agriculture
  • Seaweed farming – excess pollution in our atmosphere makes the oceans acidic, so this would absorb huge amounts of acid from the ocean and carbon from the atmosphere, grows up to 50cm/day and can produce useful products such as fertiliser, food, animal feed, bioethanol fuel and biodiesel fuel.
  • Educating girls – Educated girls are more likely to get a job and therefore have less time to have as many children, so this will slow population growth, reducing pressure on resources
  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle to reduce consumption

Permaculture taster course

There are 1-day taster courses for people to learn about permaculture, a type of regenerative agriculture. Regenerative agriculture is explained in the solutions page.

Nasa kids’ guide to climate change

This resource contains:

  • pdf resource on general information regarding what climate change is suitable for year 5 and above.
  • A section on activities you can do to get kids thinking about climate change such as making bees and exploring the impact of climate change on them.
  • A big questions page which explores what climate change is and has a short video showing how arctic has changed since 1984.
  • An interactive game showing how slight changes in temperature can lead to coral bleaching and other activities involving sea level rises.
  • Videos available on “What is climate change?”, the greenhouse effect and how we know the climate is changing.

OXFAM Climate Change Challenge


Aimed for years 5 and 6. Lesson plan about exploring climate change using activities such as Greenhouse effect in a jar activity. You can also download it.


Aimed for years 7 and 8. Lesson plan about exploring climate change using activities such as Greenhouse effect in a jar activity involving predictions about what will happen. Recapping what they have found from PowerPoint. Producing mind map of what they know at the beginning of the lesson then adding what they’ve learnt at the end.

WWT climate champions

Aimed towards years 5 and 6. Very good resources in terms of understanding prevention of climate change as well as causes with lots of ideas for interactive ideas including indoor and outdoor activities. There is also one for younger children here.

Climate Change Club in a Box

Aimed at years 7-8. Has PowerPoints split up into topics including general info on climate change, energy, impacts, solutions, and net zero emissions, making it easy to pick and choose what topics you want to cover.

Education resource library: earthday.org

Contains lesson plans, activity packs and quizzes for primary and secondary school level, including topics such as:

  • Air quality
  • Plastic pollution
  • Insects

Glasgow Science Centre Ideas Studio

Contains information on different types of solutions and their challenges. Each solution is given subject tags and an age recommendation to indicate what classes they would best be taught in.