Wild Packs – USA Summer Camp

Wild Parks is an organisation that specialises in setting up jobs within Summer Camps in the USA. These jobs are varied but can be grouped up into:

– Aquatic Roles
– Animal Roles
– Adventure Roles
– Performing/Creative Arts
– Cabin Staff
– Sport Roles

These are just the main area that the jobs fall in to, but there are many different types of jobs that can be completed at a summer camp. Wild Parks will assist you every step of the way through your application process, and if you gain a position at a Summer Camp then you will be given formal on the job training by your host Camp.

There are a couple of drawbacks to doing an international Summer Camp, and that is the costs that you will encounter. There are small costs that go towards your Visa and your Health Care, however you shouldn’t let those drawbacks stop you from applying to one of the Summer Camps as it is an experience that you will not forget!

More information can be found here

Important: This summary have been written by students for students. Please check the accuracy of this opportunity/ advertisement before confirming your place.

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