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Postgraduate life is such an exciting stage in the life of a student – be it a taught or research programme. Having done a taught programme and currently on a research one, I must say I have enjoyed the ride so far but not without challenges on the way. For instance during my MSc taught programme (not in Aber) the perceptions of lecturers was a totally different experience from my time as an undergrad. Even though it was the same university, same department and pretty much the same lecturers and staff, some things were different. The attitude to us became different and the interactions were more like that of ‘junior colleagues’ to ‘senior colleagues’. That experience had a positive influence on my studies and my interactions with lecturers and the memories are ever beautiful. And now as a PhD student at Aberystwyth University, it’s even more refreshing for me.

Apart from the instance above, there are other factors that make the experience of postgraduate life a lot different from that of the undergraduate. While there are obvious similarities between both, the average postgrad is saddled with higher expectations and responsibilities when compared to the average undergrad. For instance, the postgrad is expected to be more independent in his studies with respect to lectures, research, time management and self-management.

An appreciable level of understanding of this notion by every postgrad helps to position him/her for a successful time during their studies.

So going forward, I would like to share a few tips on the postgraduate life in a series of some sort subsequently on this platform. I’ll be drawing on my personal experiences and those of others.

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