The wonderland of academic research @Aberystwyth University

There is nothing more exciting in the world of academic research than elucidating the answers for our investigations and further disseminate that particular knowledge. As researchers, we have all been participating to events, symposiums and international conferences and we often been given the opportunity to claim our 15 minutes of fame via the means of a presentation of our projects. There is no need to be shy, we all know that we enjoy it and deep inside feel famous; at the end of the day these events are our Oscars or International Music Awards and if we didn’t end up being nervous and have a panic attack half-way through the talk when realising the audience is bigger than 1000 people we take a step further to establish collaborations and contacts on a global scale.

All that being said, let’s have an imagination exercise and honestly, I hope you will experience the same level of frustration like I do sometimes. Given your results are absolutely breath-taking people will start to approach you to find out more and it usually goes something like that:

“Hi, really interesting work, well done. I am Professor Xavier (fictional) from Harvard School of Sciences.
(automatically you want to re-introduce yourself getting over the raised blood pressure and anxiety levels because you want to represent properly your university and supervisors)
Hello, my name is Adrian (acting surprised even if Prof Xavier has been your supreme idol and you know everything about him). I come from Aberystwyth University.
He will always bluntly reply: Abery….sssst….what?
You imagined he never heard about our lovely coastal rural town in Wales or about the university so you start giving a whole geographical description putting yourself back on his map by which point you notice that he is completely oblivious about the existence of this place as well as confused, thinking this university must be concentrated on agricultural research, etc. and how come you research that topic there?”

As the conversation progresses he is prouder and prouder of your work and you as an individual and the institution itself. Personally, I think the take-away message is to be proud of what you did, where you did it and how you revolutionised that particular field. Indeed, sometimes we might feel that we travelled to the end of the world and Aberystwyth is about 3.5 hours away from everywhere but when we got accepted to study here we definitely been offered the opportunity of a lifetime. Myself, I moved here when I started my degree and I just couldn’t say no to the opportunity of a masters or doctorate. And here we are 7 years later I am still here enjoying my work and stepping further every day towards what I consider my dream career. I met some lovely people here that are genuinely ready to help you, the competition is constructive and the environment is well tailored and facilitated for your research. I have been attending events ranging from non-formal to formal knowledge disseminating activities and I am always pleasantly surprised about the quality of our research in IBERS, thoroughness and approached topics. It is a friendly environment to perform our investigations and Institute wise we are definitely punching above our weight in delivering good quality and innovative research that is recognised world-wide.

Adrian Mironas