How to Survive Fresher’s

Fresher’s is the ultimate welcome week for all first year students around the country. With so many events, meetings and people to see you will be rushed of your feet and exhausted after all the partying and late nights. After my Fresher’s I felt like sleeping for a week! From someone who’s been there, done that and got the t-shirt I pass on my wisdom to you…


Stock up on Lemsip and paracetamol

When you first arrive at a university you will no doubt do a big shop at the start. Splash the cash and get some proper Lemsip and plenty of paracetamol. In Freshers your immune system will probably become quite low and sooner or later you will get the deadly freshers flu. When you’re feeling this grotty you won’t want to be leaving your bed, let alone the house, so having some remedies in your flat already will be a life saver.


Use those free dominos vouchers

Dominios do a free personal pizza (upgrade for £1) in Aberystwyth and a lots of other places. Use those free vouchers and get a few. Even if you don’t want the pizza then you could put it in the fridge and save it for after your boozy night partying- that way you don’t have to spend huge amounts of money on takeaway either!


Be yourself and be confident

At university there are so many people you’ll find the people you get on with well, even if it takes a while. The best advice I can give you is to be yourself and be confident, embrace your personality and hobbies, and if someone doesn’t like it, that’s their loss, you’ll find someone who does! Go out and do different sports and societies even if you don’t know anyone going you soon will!


Go to all the freshers fairs

Go to all the freshers fairs! There’s heaps of freebies that will come in useful and lots of free food! Stock up on it all- it’s a great way to meet new people to, or find out what businesses might be employing.


Food, Pint of water and Paracetamol

This is the remedy I used after a long night partying and it made me feel a lot better than I would have without it. Make sure you eat something when you get home, drink lots and lots of water and some paracetamol just in case. You might not feel 100% but you might escape your hangover a little bit.