Top 5 Things to Bring to Uni

Starting Uni can be a very daunting but exciting time. You will have heard stories from your family, teachers or friends about their experience, but as you will learn (if you don’t already) everyone’s university experience differs. This can make it difficult to decide what you should bring. Here is a list of items I think are must have items if you are coming to study at Aber:


A Waterproof Coat


The weather in Aberystwyth can be glorious, however, like the rest of Britain we can experience some pretty bad storms (this means a brolly just wont cut it- unless you want to end up like Mary Poppins!). Having a waterproof coat will become like an extra layer of skin during the winter months as you walk between lectures and home.


An Old Pair of Trainers


The first time I experienced utter devastation at uni was in Fresher’s week when another fresher poured beer over my favourite pair of suade boots and ruined them. You’ll soon find that wearing your stiletto heels or a fancy pair of Brogues will suffer the same fate on an Aber night out. Having a pair of trainers you don’t mind getting dirty is a great way to stop your nice shoes being destroyed while keeping you nice and comfy while you dance the night away. They’re also great if you want to get involved with sports teams because you won’t have to invest too much money in a nice pair of trainers that you aren’t sure whether you will use again.



Battery Powered Fairy Lights


In your Hall of Residence you sadly aren’t allowed candles (boo) or LED Lights that plug into the mains. Having some battery-powered fairy lights that you can put around your bookshelf can help create the same chilled lighting for your downtime from studying.


White T-shirts and a Felt Tip


In Fresher’s you’ll probably immerse yourself in the Sports & Societies Fairs. This means that you’ll sign up to quite a few clubs & societies (probably too many and you won’t end up going to them all- but that’s okay!). One of the best things about joining these is the social’s is that the first social is usually White T-shirt Social, its a great way to make friends as they all have their names written on their top so you can’t forget them, and you get to draw on one another!


Something Sentimental

Even if you’re as hard as nails you’ll experience homesickness at some point during your first year. Bring some pictures from home or your favourite Teddy so when this happens you have something to remind you of home. And if that doesn’t work you can always schedule a video call to your mates or family, I’m sure they will be missing you too!


Swimming Costume

If you haven’t heard (I’ll be shocked if you haven’t), one of Aberystwyth’s biggest perks is we are a friendly and diverse seaside town. This means we have many watersports, like surfing and paddle boarding, you could try out. We also have a swimming pool in the campus sports centre that you can use and is used for big events, like, Superteams and water polo matches. Even if you don’t think you’re much of a water baby having swimming gear you can grab out of your room is always handy, especially if you fancy sunbathing in the summer months of Uni.