Must Go Places to Eat in Aber

When you come to university, you’ll be living the student life and be on the student budget, which means juggling sports, societies, parties and work and get a bit stressful sometimes. This might mean you forget to cook and need some easy fast food place to grab a bite to eat or deserve a well-deserved treat with your friends or family in a restaurant. Aberystwyth have a plethora of restaurants and café’s to suit every taste-bud. Here’s my top places to suit every occasion and budget…

Ultra Comedia

This awesome little Deli sells a variety of cheese, Mediterranean meats shop and take away Paella for its customers. To top that off it has a fantastic little restaurant at the back which a variety of dishes of tantalising flavours. It’s perfect for a treat with your parents, if you’re in a hurry for a take away meal but want something a little bit different than normal fast food, or love your cheeses and meats and the student loan has just come in!


Casablanca is perfect for when you have a group of friends or family who have a taste for Moroccan/Middle Eastern food. It has loads of different foods on offer to suit Moroccan food fanatics and someone trying it for the first time. The staff or so friendly too, be sure to try this place out!

Backyard Barbeque

For those of you who love all things meaty Backyard Barbeque is the place for you. They do a variety of barbeque foods including burgers, hot dogs, ribs and steak and it is beautiful! It’s usually served with fries and they are the best I have ever had- the seasoning is incredible. Be sure to try this out (perhaps not if you are a vegetarian though)!


Medina is a lovely Mediterranean café/restaurant that serves some delicious foods for all in an extremely bright and spacious area (see picture). They are a great place to visit for a bite to eat and a drink with a friend while you study together without being bothered by others pushing passed you.

Fusion King

Fusion King is a great place to go for some fast food on the go. It’s relatively cheap and has wraps, box meals, Paninis, jacket potatoes and heaps more. If you know you need a fast bite but can’t decide what you’ll find something here.

Chip Box

There are a few Chip Boxes dotted abroad Aberystwyth but the one on the seafront is the best. Their chips are fresh and you only have to step outside the door to be greeted with the glorious views the seafront offers. It’s perfect on a sunny summer’s day while you watch the sun go down. Careful of the seagulls though!


This traditional pub does an absolutely amazing carvery every Sunday from lunchtime to 7pm. There is always a selection of meats and as many roasties as you want!

Vale of Rheidol Café

Vale of Rheidol Café is a small family run café and bakery on one of the side streets. It has great potions of food at great prices and does a fantastic breakfast and cakes.

Little Italy

Everyone love’s Italian food and Little Italy is an expert at making this cuisine. It’s a little bit more expensive than other places to eat in Aber but it is worth it as the food is incredible. It’s the perfect place for a date. This place books up fast though so make sure you book in advance!


Last but not least, everyone’s favourite: Spoons. Offering you cheap food and drinks at a reasonably nice standard.