Superteams is one of my all-time favourite events that Aber Student’s Union hosts and it is incredibly popular (usually selling out in less than a minute). It’s an all weekender event that involves twenty-eight women’s and twenty-eight men’s teams of ten battling it out to see who the best team is. Everyone creates their team name (the funnier, the better) and you all get a team t-shirt with your team name on the back. You will compete in eleven events (you get to drop one and double points on another) including, tug-of-war, bleep test, swimming, sprints, gym test, basketball and dodgeball. The best event of the weekend is the Mystery Event, the last event you will do, which remains a mystery until you get to the venue…

Last year the Student’s Union had help from the OTC society which meant the challenges in the mystery event were army based, this involved carrying the captain on a stretcher around part of a football field, providing many moments of laughter when the stretcher got dropped, and a giant mudslide at the end (it might clog up your shower when you go to clean up, but it’s so worth it).

My favourite event last year (apart from the mystery event) was tug-of-war. My team was quite a small team with a few strong people, but our team work and having everyone cheering us on kept us motivated and we managed to win! Providing us with a great surprise and fantastic way to kick off the weekend.

There are plenty of chances for photos too. A few student photographers are around for the events that you can’t capture photos for yourself, like swimming. Meaning you’ll have some absolute hilarious corkers of people about to dive into a pool or get hit in the face with a ball! You’ll also get some really nice team photos so you can reminisce. Everyone soon gets into the competitive spirit as the friendly banter starts and the face paint is cracked open. The best thing about this event has to be how close you become to your friends you are in a team with and the great students of Aberystwyth you get to know while competing.

There is also a big Aftermath in the Students Union where the winners are announced. Providing a great night of celebrations for one of the most challenging but incredibly fun weekends you will experience. There are even some rogue awards to remember some of the entertaining things that happened over the weekend, last year my team mate got an award for doing the biggest belly-flop into the pool the organisers had seen!

Be prepared to get sweaty, muddy and have some of the most fun you can have as part of your university experience.