Top tips for Revising

Revising for exams at this time of year can be a very painful process. You have Christmas shopping to do, parties to go to, presents to wrap and unwrap and a new year’s resolution to think up on top of your exams! It’s very understandable that with all this going on it can be easy to procrastinate, realise it’s nearly the end of Christmas and you don’t know half as much as you probably should by now. Here are some top revision tips to see you through the season.


Find your space.

Everyone learns differently and different environment’s work for different people. Decide where you work best. I always found my room was full of too many distractions (especially the really comfy bed!) but others work prefer their room. Find a place where you feel comfortable and away from distractions.




Music can either help or hinder your studies. I always found listening to music without lyrics useful but I would always end up singing along if there were lyrics. Be honest with yourself and decide whether listening you’re your favourite jam’s is going to stop you concentrating. It might be strange working in silence but 15 minutes in silence might end up with you absorbing more information than you would if you were revising for 45 minutes with music.



Try and get a routine.

You will have heard it already probably but try and get a routine that works for you. If you know you aren’t going to sit and revise for a whole hour because you lose focus, then revise for half an hour and take a small break after that. Most people are more focussed and work more effectively in the more morning or night rather than afternoon. Try to wake up early and revise then use the afternoon to get away from the study area by socialising, exercising or taking part other activities.



Everyone does it and its totally normal, the only thing you can do is take away the distractions that might cause it. If you do happen to have a day where you just cannot concentrate the best thing to do is not panic! Take a breather, go and do something fun then come back to revision. Everyone has days where they cannot concentrate well, so don’t worry it’s normal.


Revision Methods

After quite a while revision can get boring, especially after you’ve been doing it for a while. Try using different revision methods for different things, make flashcards, spider diagrams, rewrite notes or extracts of your study books. You might find a technique that works really well for you in the process!


Be Realistic

You’ll most likely have more than one exam coming up so trying to memorise 50 quotes from research might be a little unrealistic and telling yourself you’ll cram it all in a night before probably won’t happen. Try to think of quotes or facts that are open and can support or contradict a few arguments, that way you’ll have quotes that can relate to whatever question you might receive in your exam. Set a day to start revising that works for you, if you can’t work under pressure or struggle to get into it, start revising earlier and gradually increase the hours you revise.


‘Treat Yo’self’

Revising is hard work, make sure you treat yourself to your favourite food, drink or go out and go something fun on a break!



Hope this helps you during the exam season- good luck!