Aber Christmas Guide

At Christmas time, it’s a time for everyone to come together through lots of Christmas themed events. Aber is no exception to this and has plenty to offer for its warm close-knit community. Here are some of the things you could do around Aber as part of the festive season:
-Visit the Funfair

In November, the Christmas funfair opens for two days a week near the Ystwyth Retail Park. It has a bunch of funfair rides that are bound to have you screaming in laughter or fear. My favourite has got to beat the Waltzer nothing is quite as funny as persuading your friend to go on with you and watching them turn every shade of green! Along with the tonnes of cotton candy you can eat and teddies you can win on a ‘hook a duck’, you’re bound to have an amazing time!


-Go to the Arts Centre’s Christmas Fair

Every year the Arts Centre opens up stall for all sorts of local businesses to sell their products. From local made chocolate to pottery, jewellery to clothing there are loads of products that could be the perfect gift for a family member or friend.


-Go to the Panto!

There are loads of community theatre groups in Aber, which means there are plenty of pantos and Christmas performances to go and see! This year the two most popular choices are Cinderella and A Christmas Carol. These performances are sure to have you humming along to the songs and you’ll maybe some familiar faces because lecturers and students have been known to get involved too!



Christmas Light Switch On

It might not be quite as fancy as Blackpool Illuminations but the turn on of this light’s display brings together many of our diverse community to witness the streets of Aberystwyth light-up. You’ll be able to hear some of Aber’s carol societies singing your favourite Christmas songs and buy a hot drink to keep warm.


Learn a Welsh Christmas Song

You’re in one of Wales’ most populated areas that speak the Welsh language, so why not take the opportunity to learn a Welsh song? Here’s Silent Night to get you started:

Tawel nos dros y byd,
Sanctaidd nos gylch y crud;
Gwylion dirion yr oedd addfwyn ddau,
Faban Duw gyda’r llygaid bach cau,
Iesu T’wysog ein hedd.

Sanctaidd nos gyda’i ser;
Mantell fwyn,cariad per
Mintai’r bugail yn dod i fwynhau
Baban Duw gyda’r llygaid bach cau,
Iesu T’wysog ein hedd.

Tawel nos, Duw ei Hun
Ar y llawr gyda dyn;
Cerddi’r engyl, a’r Ne’n trugarhau;
Baban Duw gyda’r llygaid bach cau,
Iesu, T’wysog ein hedd.