Why Aber Uni?


As an Aberystwyth graduate I have to admit I might be a little bias on why this is the best university you could choose to go to, but for very good reasons. This university has provided me with endless opportunities, friends for life and countless memories. This warm vibrant town has so much to offer to it’s students. However, with so many universities out there we understand that the competition is very high and it makes the decision really difficult, especially with so many universities offering fantastic facts and figures (including Aberystwyth). So here’s some of my reasons why you should study at Aber.


The Community!

Aberystwyth is different to so many universities because it’s not a big city. This means that some of the experiences are totally different to other universities. The small close-knit predominantly student community means you’re bound to bump into people all the time around campus, meaning it’s so easy to make friends even if you don’t catch their name the first time.



Aber cares

When I studied in the Theatre, Film and Television Studies Department all my lecturers made an effort to know me by name. The university has small seminar groups or workshops which makes it even easier to get to know students with similar interests and lecturers who have a passion for your subject.




The university care hugely about the student voice and making you feel welcome, their module questionnaire and online forum allow you to feedback to Aberystwyth about anything you think the university is doing well or they could improve. They strive to make the student experience as good as possible and thrive off your feedback. No matter how small the comment they will listen and respond to you.

Here’s a picture of one of my classes before our first performance of Pomona by Alistair McDowall in second year. 





The Accommodation

Aberystwyth’s accommodation has a range of different options to suit everyone. Catered, Welsh Medium, ensuite, double bed and studio. Most of the halls share facilities with at least 5 other people meaning as soon as you arrive there will be people you can get to know. One of the best experiences I had in halls was trying to make a Christmas dinner; with a huge team effort (and a little bit of cheating by using frozen Yorkshire Puddings) we made a fantastic one!


The Location

It’s small campus which means everything is in walking distance, including the beach that is (on average) a 20 minute walk from the halls of residence, unless youre on seafront, in that case it’s on your doorstep! Aberystwyth also has a strong welsh-speaking community. UMCA, the Union specially for welsh speaking students, hosts a range of events and activities to celebrate welsh culture. They even offer free Welsh lessons to anyone who wants to learn.


Even though this town is smaller than a lot of other locations it packs a punch with all the diverse culture it has to offer to it’s students, through history, arts, media and societies. With regular performances from companies like National Theatre Wales, LGBT+ events, a variety of art galleries and so much more, you will discover the diverse culture of this warm and friendly town.


Team Aber

Team Aber is the SU’s group of sports and societies that is always expanding to include new and exciting activities for everyone. The ‘have a go’ attitude Team Aber has means you can try something new or continue a hobby you had in school, there’s no need for you to be an Olympic medallist in it! It even holds events like Superteams and Rugby 7s (the biggest rugby 7s tournament in Wales) for those of you who fully want to immerse yourself in Team Aber



These are just some of the reasons why Aber is a great choice for you, if you speak of any of Aber’s student’s on an Open Day you’ll find that they have plenty more and endless funny stories and memories this vibrant coastal community has created. So come and visit us to find out more!