Top tips on How to Write a Written Assignment (Essay)

Whether you’re a university student or still in school you will be starting to combat the deadly written assignments and they are not always the easiest things to get your head around! After three years of written assignments at the Aberystwyth University I have come up with some top tips on how to write a written assignment…


Understand Your Way of Working

It is important to understand the way you work. Some people need a lot of time to complete an assignment when others like to work under pressure. Whichever way you work you need to make sure you set yourself a starting date and deadline which suits you and also takes into account other deadlines. The worst thing to happen is realising you have two deadlines at the same time and haven’t given yourself enough time!


Find your Space and Time

Do you work best in silence or in a more relaxed environment? Are you a night owl or morning bird? Make sure you work at a time and place that are suited to you to increase your productivity. At Aberystwyth we have a wide range of learning environments, some of which are open 24/7 to suit your needs.



Everyone works differently; some people will want to create a detailed plan whereas others will be eager to sink their teeth in and start writing. Even if you hate planning an assignment doing a small plan can be useful, because it will help you structure and discover what topics you want to write about in your assignment. This will help when you come to researching your topic as you will be able to pick out precise relevant quotes that support your arguments.



Access to information has never been so easy. Today you can find information in books, journals, documentaries, websites, archives, podcasts and many more. Make sure you use a mix of all types of research to make your work research rich and get evidence that fully supports your views (or offers a counter-argument). Be sure to write down where you found your quotes so you can easily reference them in your bibliography later.



Plagiarism is a very important matter in any type of assignment. Make sure you check with your department or school how quotes should be cited and referenced. If you are at university your scheme will have a study guide that tells you the specific ways to cite and reference different types of research. If you are still unsure on what plagiarism is check out this useful website:


Help Yourself

If you know you struggle with certain aspects of written assignments be proactive.  At Aberystwyth the university’s warm and supportive Student Welcome Centre and departments often hold lessons or mentoring sessions on written technique. Every department is committed to giving you additional contact hours through Personal Tutoring. Your personal tutors are committed to make your academic experience here the best it can be and strive to unlock your future potential, so if you do want to speak about something course specific then ask them.