Useful Places to Know About in Aberystwyth

After being a student here for three years there are still places I don’t know about or wish I’d known about sooner in Aberystwyth. One thing that shocked me was how many useful study spaces and interesting facilities to use there are. Here are some of the places I have found to be a massive help when studying and escaping the assignments during my time at Aberystwyth…


Student Welcome Centre


The Student Welcome Centre is a supportive and welcoming building that offers all-round support for students. If you’re panicking about finance or you’re worried about your needs or wellbeing, the Welcome Centre’s friendly staff will be able to support you through these matters. If you ever feel like you are struggling, no matter how small it may be, the Welcome Centre is there to help and advise you.


If you want to find more about the team have a look here:


PJM and Rosser Lounge

If you’re the opposite and like to sit in a more chilled chatty environment or have a group project to go through then Rosser or PJM Lounge might be useful for you. They have a wide range of tables with or without a PC and sofa areas you can work at.




The Viewpoint and Woods

Aberystwyth has some great scenery on offer but if you don’t have much time to travel around (or can’t be bothered) there is a viewpoint in the woods next to PJM accommodation. The walk through the woods is beautiful and you’ll regularly see squirrels running up the trees and at the end of the path you’ll get to see the whole of our stunning town, Aberystwyth!


National Library of Wales

When study season comes the Hugh Owen Library can get seriously packed along with our other state-of-the-art libraries. If you’re used to your own space and silence the National Library of Wales is a great place to study that is right on our doorstep. It might even have some useful information in the archives! The ground floor of the Hugh Owen Library is also being renovated to make more opportunities to use our excellent learning facilities while you study with us.


Have a look at National Library of Wales’ website here:


Aberystwyth Arts Centre

The Arts Centre has tonnes of innovative oppertunities to offer all year round. They have exhibitions, a cinema, rehearsal spaces, a studio and the main theatre. There’s something for everyone whether you only like film or you’re partial to a bit of theatre. They often have workshops for all kind of things including flamenco and puppetry.

In the past, we have had brilliant performances, like National Theatre Wales ‘Crouch, touch, pause, engage’ that had me both laughing and crying in some parts. One of the most exciting name’s coming to the Arts Centre next year is Sarah Millican!



Tropical House

Opposite the main entrance to the University lies Plas Penglais, an old estate the University bought in 1964 and turned into the base for the botany department. Through the potting sheds is the entrance to the Tropical House. You might be thinking at this point plants aren’t your cup of tea, but it really is worth a look. If you’re ever bored of the dreary and grey weather it’s a great place to see some vibrant tropical plants and remind yourself of the summer holiday you just had basking in the sun.

Open 9.00-13.00-14.00-16.00 Monday to Friday.


Hopefully, you’ll be able to check these places out yourself when you get here and maybe tell us if you find any hidden gems in the University.