Thomas Parry Library: a celebration: Thursday 19 July 6pm

The Llanbadarn campus will be closing down for teaching over summer 2018. There will still be some University staff and services based over there from September 2018 onwards but the Thomas Parry Library will be closing as a service library in August 2018. Alan Clark (former Librarian at the Thomas Parry Library), Bill Hines (former Assistant Director of Information Services, now retired but now an Honorary staff member in the library working on our rare and special collections) and Elizabeth Kensler (currently working in the University libraries) have organised a small get together at Thomas Parry Library in the summer, before it closes, for staff who used to work there. Many former and current colleagues are keen to get together to mark the closing of this library as a service, as this library has been special to so many of us over the years.
• This won’t be a large, formal, fancy event but a convivial event with some food and drinks along with some speeches from a few people.
• As well as current and former library staff who used to be based there, we are looking forward to seeing former staff from the College of Librarianship Wales staff as well as current Information Management, Libraries & Archives department staff along with people who have been an important part of this library’s history.
• All ideas on appropriate ways to mark the closing of this library as a service appreciated. If you have photos of the library and colleagues working there that we can share, we would be grateful if you can share them with Elizabeth Kensler

This event will be held at the Thomas Parry Library on Thursday 19 July 2018 at 6pm. We will be taking photos during the event and will hope to circulate these on this blog post after the event so that those colleagues unable to attend can share in these memories.