New user spaces at Hugh Owen

We are progressing well with the collections resequencing and we’ll update you soon with plans of the new layout, but this post is about the additional user spaces we’ll be creating to help accommodate the needs of our students joining us once Thomas Parry Library closes.

We’ve now identified an additional two group study rooms with each able to accommodate up to 8 people. These rooms are located on the main Level E floor and in the EL6 Computer room.

In addition to these we are adding:

• 10 PC spaces on Level F, split between the main floor and the Tom Lloyd Suite
• 16 PC spaces in the Iris De Freitas room
• 4 PC spaces on the main floor of Level E
• 2 height adjustable desks in Iris De Freitas and the main floor of Level E
• 36 study spaces to the main floor of Level E
• 44 study spaces to the Iris De Freitas room

We are also investigating the possibility of increasing the number of daily use carrels available.

We have some flexibility in these plans should it be required, so we’ll be monitoring usage and capacity levels as usual. Of course all these spaces are available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week during term time, and extended opening times in vacation times near to exam periods.

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