By mapping and monitoring areal changes in glacial lakes across Chile, using satellite imagery acquired between the 1980s and 2016, potentially dangerous lake developments can be identified. Using this information, glacial lakes located in the central Chilean Andes and Patagonia will be singled for further investigation through the organisation of field campaigns. Such field work will allow the team to gather invaluable information in regards to the physical characteristics of these selected glacial lakes and their surrounding glaciers and glacial moraines.

Observations taken during these field campaigns will help towards attaining a greater understanding of the processes which govern GLOF behavior, and will allow more accurate modelling of potential future GLOFs at each site and their downstream impacts. In addition to physical surveying, fixed camera stations (fitted with digital SLR cameras, see images below) will be installed at each selected field site, allowing glacial lake developments and future outbursts to be monitored at high temporal resolutions (sub-daily).

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