Patagonia: Then and now!

Eñaut Izagirre is a glaciology Masters student at the University of Magallanes, Chile and is one of a team of researchers and explorers currently working on the Incognita Patagonia project. The Incognita Patagonia project aims to explore, map and measure selected glaciated areas of the Southern Patagonia Andes, in doing so, improving the understanding of glacial change in this region in response to recent climatic changes. During field expeditions to the Cordillera Darwin, Eñaut was able to capture several images of the local outlet glaciers which, when compared to historic photography available for the region, allowed for an interesting visualization of the differing magnitudes of glacier change in Southern Patagonia over the past 100 years. These images have been kindly shared with the Glacial Hazards in Chile project and can be seen below.

For more information on the Incognita Patagonia visit their project website:

Reference map (map layers sourced from ESRI)