A glacier-covered volcano in Chile: Will it erupt soon?

A new article published by glacierhub.org discusses the possibly imminent eruption of the Nevados de Chillan mountain complex (located in the Bío-Bío region of Chile). This mountain complex (reaching over 3,200 meters in elevation) includes glacier cover totaling 2 square kilometers and thus, aside from the risk of lava flows and ash clouds, there is an additional risk of lahars (volcanic mudflows) to the surrounding area, generated through the melting of snow and ice. To read the artcle in full follow the link below:

A glacier-covered volcano in Chile: Will it erupt soon?

New crater near the summit of the Nevados de Chillan mountain complex (source: SERNAGEOMIN)

Glacial Hazards…..spreading the word!!

With the ‘Glacial Hazards in Chile’ project now well on the way, interest has begun to mount from several UK and international media outlets.

In articles published by the BBC, Cambrian News and AlphaGalileo, Professor Neil Glasser (Aberystwyth University) states that “glacial lake outburst floods pose a significant hazard to communities and infrastructure in many mountainous parts of the world, including Chile and a number of other lower income countries”. Adding that “this hazard has increased over the last century as glaciers recede and the lakes grow in front of them in response to global climate change. We are looking forward to working with our collaborators in Chile to understand how we can make hazard and flood risk predictions that can inform planners and decision-makers in Chile and other lower income countries globally”.

To read these articles in full check the links provided below:

BBC – Aberystwyth University scientists lead glacier study

Cambrian News – Researchers get £370,000 grant for major study

AlphaGalileo – Aberystwyth researchers lead study into dangers posed by Chilean glaciers

Dr Marie Bushfield (Aberystwyth University) has also recently discussed the project during an interview given to BBC Wales (interview begins at 52 minute mark):

BBC Wales – Discussing the ‘Glacial Hazards in Chile’ project

Professor Neil Glasser – Project collaborator