Discourse Analysis Teaching Resources

This page contains two video teaching resources for teaching discourse analysis and a link to a page containing guidelines for how to use them.

Tutorial video (approx. 11 minutes). In this video Drs Sally Wiggins and Sarah Riley discuss how two different kinds of discourse analysts (discursive psychology and Foucauldian informed discourse analysis) approach analysing a text.

Family video: The family mealtime video to accompany the tutorial (approx. 4 minutes). This video contains naturally occurring talk suitable for both discursive psychology and Foucauldian informed poststructuralist discourse analysis.


Guidelines for use can be found via this link.

We are currently evaluating these resources. If you would like to complete our survey either as a teacher or a student please click here: https://hass.eu.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_8qvVGCtn7dgZqKN

This project is an output of the Teaching Qualitative Psychology group, formerly with the HEA and now with the BPS Qualitative Methods in Psychology subsection. It was funded by Aberystwyth University’s Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund. It was made by Sarah Riley and Sally Wiggins. Click here for other resources made by TQP.