A Day in the Life of GeogSoc

by Helen Siegieda


I tracked down Daniel Colson, a third year who is the current Vice President of GeogSoc for the academic year 2014-2015, and quizzed him about the ins and outs of the society and its best bits.

Could you describe GeogSoc in a sentence for me?
Ooh in a sentence. Okay, I’d say it’s the society for anyone interested in Geography, whether it be human or physical, who just wants to have a good time really.

When did you join GeogSoc?
I joined GeogSoc in Fresher’s Week of first year, because everyone else did, and I just sort of felt like I had too. Yeah, I made so many friends from it and it’s a really good way to socialise with other people.

I feel like I should join now! Tell me about your role on the committee, the roles that you had and why you ran for it?
Okay, so this year I’m the Vice President, and it’s my job to help the President, that’s Fiona Campbell, so this year as a Committee we organised careers talks for the department, and we’ve got three rugby sevens teams this year, so two boys teams and one girls. We play football every Wednesday afternoon, that’s open to boys and girls, doesn’t have to be just boys. Tends to be 15-20 people, and we have had a Staff vs Student football match, for which we lost 2-1 to the staff… Stephen Tooth scored the winner, which was a free kick. We’ve got a re-match coming up after Easter, if the staff want to do it. There’s socials every Tuesday night. We have an end of year meal coming up soon and a Christmas meal, and for every third year, not just those involved in the society. Fiona and I have to organise the Grad ball for the Society, we’re hopefully having it at the Marine Hotel where it was last year, and some of the lecturers end up in Pier, so I’ve got a great photo of me and Tom Holt, a few of us second years and a couple of lecturers in Pier Pressure.

Can you tell me about the fundraising that Geog Soc takes part in?
Throughout the year we’ve held different bake sales for various causes, at least two a semester. This has been run by Hannah Poll, our publicity officer, and always has a great response from the department and others across the university! Recently we held and organised a pub quiz to raise money for the Nepal earthquake (keeping along the geography theme). We also had one before Christmas raising money. Both popular. Lecturers attended and unfortunately won! We’ve had two staff student football matches which we organised, the one a couple of weeks ago was to raise money for MIND Aberystwyth – the local mental health charity. That was good, and we raised over £90 just from an hour of football. During May Bank holiday weekend we had three geography teams in Rugby 7s which we organised – two boys and one girls team. That was really good. Fundraising wise we’ve also done collections throughout the year for charities and helped to promote the departmental seminars.

Have you been on any GeogSoc trips?
Yeah, we’ve got a trips officer, this year it’s Sam Lloyd. First semester we went to the Animalarium at Borth, which everyone likes. It’s really good. It’s not an orphanage it’s like re-homing animals for people who have pets that they can’t cope with anymore, or zoos. You can feed all the monkeys and stuff, they grab peanuts off you, that’s fun. I think its £3 with a student card.

What would you say a typical night out with GeogSoc is like?
Great fun. Busy. Normally have 50-60 people. It’s just, pub crawl, different themes, everyone dresses up, go to Pier, and the dedicated ones go to Yokos.

What would you say your favourite night out has been?
Pub golf is always fun. We had a good social last year which was photo bingo. You have scores. You have a checklist and you have to try and get photos. Social starts at 8.30pm, split into small teams, and fill your score sheet of random photos. On the checklist there’s stuff like have a photo in the Pier DJ booth and loads of other stuff.

Would you recommend GeogSoc to first years?
Yeah definitely. What I recommend to first years is join as much as you can. Although you regret all the emails you get, just join everything that you think will interest you. One of my regrets is not committing to hockey or swimming, ‘cause I signed up to both of them in Fresher’s Week, and I still get their emails, but I didn’t go, so yeah join as much as you can.

Awesome, thanks Dan.

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